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Who we are

Surus is a development and construction management firm purposefully dedicated to owners and developers in Eastern MA. 

Driven by an outcome-based model, Surus is focused on a balanced value for its clients and downstream partners alike.

Surus actively participates across all of Jumbo Capital’s portfolio, providing both development and construction management services. Selectively, Surus engages in 3rd party opportunities with developers, investors, landlords and tenants.

about surus

surus' History

Surus was believed to be the war elephant of Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca, who rode him into battle for fifteen years. According to some accounts, the animal was the last of the 37 war elephants Hannibal took with him on his 218 B.C. crossing of the Alps, during the Second Punic War. 

An affiliate of Jumbo Capital, Surus is part of a herd that traces back to Tufts University.

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committed to giving back

Surus supports the communities it operates within and strives to direct support toward the smaller and most local organizations that are making a difference. Contact us here to suggest a local organization or family in need of support.

somerville Youth & development boxing club

City, State

South shore habitat for humanity

City, State

South Shore Health

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boston public schools

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Who we work with

Our success is deeply tied to the quality of partners we’re able to work with and the relationships we develop. Understanding the time it takes to build productive partnerships, we find great value in maintaining a refined team of partners we can compound project experience with. Please see examples of those we work with below: